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Katariina Tala

Nail Designer

I have been working as a nail designer for more than 20 years and my Näytä Kyntesi salon was the first in its field in Tampere.

In addition to entrepreneurship, I have studied for two master's degrees, acquired pedagogical qualifications and in recent years also three children.

When my kids were very young, I took a break from entrepreneurship, but after working for a few years as a teacher, project manager, and head of a cosmetology school, I started to crave back to the world of nails and sparkle, and here it is again!

In addition to all kinds of structural nails, my specialties include repairs to damaged nails (including toenails), showy decorations, beautiful French manicures, extra-long nails and beautiful and permanent permanent varnishes.

I serve customers flexibly and with twenty years of experience. If you do not find a suitable time in my booking calendar, you can also contact me directly by phone or message on 044 553 0335.

Welcome to serve!

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