Kahdeksas Aisti home care products

Lovely Guinot and Frantsila home care products from Kahdeksas Aisti.

You can also find a wide range of Guinot and Frantsila home care products at Kahdeksas Aist. Come check out the products on the spot so a professional beautician can determine the right and effective home care products for you.

You can purchase the products directly from our treatment center or you can contact our treatment center by phone (050 408 9918) or e-mail (info@8aistay.com) and if necessary we will mail the products to your home.


Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is one of the largest organic herb growers in Finland. Frantsila also processes herbs into products and the company offers over 200 high quality herbal products.Guinot


The French line of professional cosmetics Guinot was founded in 1963. The founder Rene Guinot was a chemical engineer. Doctor of Pharmacy, Jean Daniel Mondin took over the company in 1972: the philosophy of science-based skincare begins. In the early days, Mondin worked closely with his father, plastic surgeon Maurice Mondin. Mondin's long-term work in product development is reflected in the unmatched, high-quality combinations of products in the product line, with undeniable effects and results.

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