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Beauty salon Kahdeksas Aisti has been created in collaboration with various professionals in the field. We provide our clients with versatile and well-designed treatment packages. Our cosmetologists specialize in the different problems of leg and face skin such as acne on the face, couperosa, drought, changes caused by aging and nail problems in the legs and skin changes due to erroneous positions. Massage relaxes and relieves the mind, but above all, massage professionals treat the body's pain conditions and guide themselves in self-care. In addition to massage and beauty services, we also offer various treatments for relaxation. Choose between body and face combination treatments, aromatic treatments, head and body massages with various techniques, and complementary treatments based on Chinese doctrines. We train ourselves regularly so we can serve you in the best possible way. Warmly welcome to our beauty salon.

Kahdeksas Aisti - Moment for you. Welcome! 
Tuija, Sanna, Jani ja Jonna 


Cosmetologist / Reflexologist / Frantsila Products / Duration Pigments


I've been an entrepreneur in the field of beauty since 2003. In addition to the education of cosmetologist I'm certified zone therapist. I have also studies for many years Chinese medicine and associate this particular in my work when necessary.

In my beauty treatments I use Frantsila herb farm products.

According to colleagues, Tuija is a person with a sense of humor, approachable and happy. Tuija has extensive expertise in various areas of beauty and well-being. An eternal learner.

A source of joy and prosperity!


Cosmetologist / Certified Eyelash Technician / Guinot Products / Guinot Trainer

I've been in the industry for several years and worked as a cosmetics salesman, entrepreneur and most recently an agreement for several years in the spa salon and a beautician supervisor. Now was the time to further develop my skills and experience in my own beauty salon.

My specialty is special treatments for the French professional cosmetics series Guinot and personalized skin care program through individual consultation. In addition to cosmetologist, I worked as a Guinot trainer in Finland. I am also certified in eyelash technician.

I want to serve everyone individually and with professionalism, listening to the customer's wishes.

According to colleagues, Sanna is a talented and professional in care and product information. Life-favoring and warmth is handed over in the hands of Sanna.

The Emperor and the Holder of Beauty!


Bachelor of Health Sciences, masseur-rehabilitator

I graduated as Bachelor of Health Sciences (RTD), majoring in public health science and a minor in physical medicine and health science. I am also involved in the rehabilitation-masseur. In addition, I have training for a swimming teacher and basketball instructor.

According to colleagues, Jani is a multi-skilled, well-informed and experienced power source with a sense of humor.

Exterminator of torture and distress!


Massage / Sports Massage

I am a trained masseur / masseuse sports since 2015. I use in my treatments for example. classic and sports massage, trigger pressing passive as well as MET sweep and slip-out.

My idea behind the best help and successful massage is to apply and / or combine different techniques into an effective entity, taking into account the individual needs of the customer.

According to colleagues, Jonna is a cheerful and small northern powergirl with a wide range of skills.

The power of energy and inspiration!

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