Guinot Sunscreen and Sunscreen products on offer in the online store. The winner of the spring draw has been chosen.


Wonderful summer news from the Kahdeksas Aisti. All high quality Guinot solar products are now available at a reduced price until 31.7.2020. With these wonderful products, you ensure that your skin gets the best possible protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation. 

The range includes products that help you tan beautifully, protect you from the dangers of UV radiation and help you take care of the condition of your skin after exposure to the sun. 

With these wonderful products, you can enjoy sunny summer days safely. 

Check out the wide selection in the Aisti online store. 

In honor of the summer, we also appreciated the wonderful Guinot Detox novelty facial treatment among all the customers who gave feedback. Today, happiness favored you Henna H, we will contact you personally to redeem the prize. 

The team of the Kahdeksas Aisti wishes you all a wonderful and warm summer.