Kirsi Föhr, the latest member of Kahdeksas Aisti team , offers Kalevala member correction, Indian head massage & meridian massage.


We are honored to announce that the Aisti's team has been strengthened by a true multi-expert in natural therapies. Kirsi Föhrn, the newest member of our team, started working in wellness services as early as 2010 and is a trained professional in meridian massage, Indian head massage and acupressure. Kirsi is currently studying Kalevala Membership Repair and will graduate as an official Membership Repairer in August 2020. Sensual Kirsi's services include Kalevala Membership Repair (as a strainee), meridian massage and Indian head massage. 

Meridian massage: "The meridian massage developed by Tapio Sippoi combines Chinese medicine, acupressure massage, Japanese Shindo and Shiatsu massage, Chinese tuina and anma massage, Tibetan Kum Nye and Kunye massages, Nuat Phaen Boraan massage, Chi Nei Tsang interior , the best aspects of Finnish member correction, classical massage and energy management. 

Meridian massage utilizes an expanded meridian map of both traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese shiatsu master Masunaga. A relaxing and invigorating meridian massage effectively removes stress and increases vitality. Massage opens up body blockages and thus enhances the flow of vitality throughout the body. As a result, the immune system is strengthened, allowing the body to better resist and cure diseases. 

If necessary, acupressure provides a targeted treatment supplement for the treatment of individual diseases. Meridian massage uses the same energy channels into which needles are inserted in acupuncture. During the meridian massage, the reflective areas of the body are treated and the meridians (acura tracks) are massaged and stretched open. The meridian massage is done through the clothes. The treatment is targeted at the whole body. 

In the Kahdeksas Aisti, meridian massage is performed by Kirsi Föhr, a specialist in natural therapies. Kirsi is a trained professional in meridian massage, acupressure and Kalevala member correction. 

A warm welcome to try meridian massage and other wonderful wellness services offered by Kirsi. 

Kirsi will start at Aisti on June 22, 2020, but the first free treatment times can already be booked through Aisti's appointment. 

The Kahdeksas Aisti team wishes you all a wonderful summer and a future Midsummer.