Wonderful and effective Guinot novelty from the Kahdeksas Aisti!


The stunning novelty facial treatment Detoxygene is now part of the Kahdeksas Aisti Extensive facial care range. This facial is designed for all skin types. Detoxygene is a facial treatment that cleanses the skin and greatly enhances oxygen supply. All skin types can suffer from haze and clogging of skin pores outside of cities. Climate and indoor air pollutants such as exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, industrial emissions, bacteria, dust, and poor lifestyles expose our skin to various toxins. As a result of these things, our skin becomes dirty, wrinkled and cloudy. By cleansing the skin of external toxins and enhancing the skin's oxygen supply, it can restore the skin's natural glow and effectively slow down the changes caused by aging. Professional skin care and a healthy lifestyle work wonders for the condition of your skin. Detoxygene treatment has been specially developed to solve the blurring of the skin caused by these causes and to restore the natural vitality to your face. Detoxygene - help your skin breathe!

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Detoxygene treatment consists of three main stages:

1. Peeling A special exfoliating cream is used for exfoliation. This enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation removes toxins from the skin as well as dead skin cells. As a result, the skin evens out, feels and looks better.

2. Cleansing mask The mask acts like a magnet, binding the contaminant particles still in the skin. The active ingredient EDTA in the mask and green clay effectively bind heavy metals as well as other impurities that are removed from your skin with the mask. The mask used in the treatment is a special mask developed by Guinot for the treatment of Detoxygene.

3. Oxygen enhancing massage The skin massaging serum and special massage movements are carefully designed to enhance the skin's microcirculation and skin oxygen supply. As a result of the treatment, your skin will be immediately brighter and brighter. The skin feels soft, supple and easy to breathe.

Home skin care can be effectively continued after treatment with, for example, the Bioxygen product family. The line includes a gentle Bioxygene cleansing foam, Bioxygene serum and Creme Bioxygene treatment cream. With the help of a consultant, your professional Guinot beautician will create a personal skin care program for you to follow to achieve your beauty goals.

This effective cleansing treatment can now be found in the Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti selection. You can also buy home care products from us directly from our nursing home or by ordering them easily through our online store www.8aisi.com/verkkokauppa/. Come and see this new treatment and take your skin care to a whole new level. A wonderful start to the summer and a warm welcome to serve in our professional hands!