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Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti - Professionals

At our Beauty Salon, you will be served by a group of trained and experienced professionals. Click on the image to read more about that professional and the services he or she offers.

Beauty salon Kahdeksas Aisti 

Kahdeksas Aisti has been created in cooperation with various professionals in the field. We offer our customers versatile and carefully planned treatment packages.

Our cosmetologists specialize in different problems of the skin of the feet and face, such as facial acne, couperosa, dryness, changes brought about by aging and nail problems in the feet and skin changes due to incorrect positions. You can also find a comprehensive selection of sugaring services with us to remove skin hairs efficiently and gently.

Our professional nail and eyelash technicians conjure up wonderful structural nails and volume eyelash extensions for both everyday life and parties. Aisti's selections also include the wonderful Yumi Lashes permanent eyelash curlers and Yumi Brows brow laminations.

Massage relaxes and soothes the mind, but above all, massage professionals treat body pains and guide self-care. Kaleva's limb repair helps you get rid of various pain conditions efficiently and in accordance with tradition.

In addition to massage and beauty care services, we also offer various treatments for the purpose of relaxation. You can choose a combined body and face treatment, aromatic treatments, special head and body massages using different techniques.

We train ourselves regularly so that we can serve you in the best possible way. A warm welcome to our expert hands!

Kahdeksas Aisti - A moment just for you. WELCOME!

Sanna, Katri, Jessica, Klaara, Niko, Sanna K and Kirsi


Cosmetologist / Certified Eyelash Technician / Guinot Products / Guinot Trainer

I have been a beauty business for a long time and worked as a cosmetics salesman, entrepreneur and most recently the contract action for several years Lapinniemi Holiday Club Spa Harmony Spa salon management. 

Now was the time to harness my skills, experience and vision for my own well-being center, Kahdeksas Aisti. 

My specialty is the special treatments of the French professional cosmetics series Guinot and, through an individual consultation, the preparation of a personal skin care program. In addition to running nursing activities, 

I work as the official trainer for the Guinot series in Finland. I am also certified in eyelash ripsiteknikko classic in the field. 

I want to serve everyone individually and professionally, listening to the client's wishes. 

Coworkers think Sanna is a talented and happy care and product information professional. The positiveness and warmth of life is conveyed in Sanna's caring hands. 

Mistress of empathy and beauty!


Cosmetologist, podiatrist, Guinot treatments, Guinot products, sugaring, permanent eyelash curling, brow lamination

I have worked as a SKY cosmetologist since 2018, first working as a small entrepreneur and most recently I worked in a pharmacy as a beautician and technical employee.

In my career as a pharmacy, I have been involved in opening the beauty salon Ihoterapiakeskus Orkidea, which operates in connection with the pharmacy.

Now is the right time to spread my wings into entrepreneurship with my passion. Along with my studies, I trained to do permanent eyelash curling and sugaring, and they are still one of my strongest special skills.

I have several years of experience with the professional cosmetic series Guinot and pHformula, with which I have made individual skin care plans, achieving wonderful results. I also have experience in the care of even the most demanding feet, as I also have a professional degree in foot care.

I serve everyone individually, respecting the wishes of the customer. I am precise and conscientious in my work. I have more than ten years of experience in various customer service fields.

Warmly welcome to my treatment!


Cosmetologist, Guinot treatments, Guinot products, sugaring, permanent eyelash curling, brow lamination

I graduated as a SKY cosmetologist in 2013, after which I have continuously developed my skills with various beauty care trainings and professional degrees. I have spent almost my entire working career in two different pharmacy clinics - first in my hometown in Southern Ostrobothnia and most recently here in Tampere, in the Linnainmaa pharmacy.

The services I offer at the Kahdeksas Aisti include Guinot and pHformula facials, sugaring, Yumi Lashes permanent eyelash curling, Yumi Brows laminations, permanent coloring and pedicures, all of which I do with several years of experience.

For me, a satisfied customer is the best reward of my work, which is why I always strive to offer customers a positive nursing home experience. I have received special praise from customers for my care, my calmness and my friendly and cheerful nature.

A warm welcome to my service at the Kahdeksas Aisti


Massage / Sports Massage

Hello! My name is Klaara Väätäinen, and I am a professional sports massage therapist with several years of experience in the field.

I was once driven to the industry by a passion for helping people. In my work, I get to solve many kinds of ailments, the most common of which are congestion in the neck and shoulder area.

In addition to classic and sports massage, I specialize in biting muscle massage. (It has to go like this because there is no specialization in them, they are part of the basic curriculum in masseuse school)

I use versatile massage techniques in my work, which I know how to use individually while listening to the client. I can also choose the right treatment method for you. I get special praise for my good moves and alleviating ailments. In addition, they say I'm considered a relaxing conversation partner.

If you need proper relaxation for your body and mind or you need help with ailments, make an appointment with me for a massage and we'll meet in our comfortable treatment room.

With enthusiasm and a big heart

Klaara 😊


Classical massage, sports massage

My name is Niko Marttiini, from Rovaniemi in the middle of the tundra, a trained masseur approved by Valvira and a sports massage.

I have worked as a masseuse in Finland and abroad. I have gained a lot of experience along the way, and I think it is very important to always meet the customer as an individual, through which we can achieve long-term positive results together.

My great customer service is enjoyed by both top athletes and people with chronic pain conditions. So whether you are struggling big or small, come and visit us and be the best!

According to colleagues, Niko is an approachable athletic boy of the North.

A positive energy pack that eliminates a stutter like a stutter!.

Sanna K

Kaleval member corrector

My name is Sanna Koivunen and I have worked for years on people's well-being, performing various work tasks. Over the course of my career and over the years, I have had time to train in many different ways related to human well-being. 

I take care of my client with years of customer service experience and I always approach the client as an individual, looking for the best care plan and package for him or her. 

In Kahdeksas Aisti I perform Kalevala membership correction for clients with professionalism and customer orientation. In Aisti, I have been working for several years. Towards the end of my membership studies, I started performing treatments under the heading Kisälli in Aisti. 

Since 2020, I have worked in Aisti as a fully certified Kalevala membership corrector. 

With limb repair, I can help you with many different ailments and pain states through soft tissue mobilization. 

Read more about the treatment and its barriers on the services page. Feel free to contact me directly by phone if you have any questions regarding Kalevala Membership Correction. You can reach me directly on 040 829 2343. A warm welcome to the member correction. 

According to colleagues, Sanna K is a positive and energetic person who knows how to serve every customer as an individual. 

An energetic donor!


Kalevala member corrector, Meridian Massage, Indian Head Massage

I graduated as a meridian massage and acupressure professional in 2010 and as a Kalevala member repairer in the summer of 2020. 

I got a spark to study various complementary therapies at Frantsila care courses when I studied nature entrepreneurship at Osara Vocational School 2005-2007. 

At the same time, I also studied shiatsu, which is also influenced by meridian massage. I also do Indian head massage. 

I think that man is a whole and it is important to always take care of a person holistically. The psyche is also treated through the physical body and, on the other hand, when stress is relieved, many physical ailments may be relieved. Each treatment is planned individually according to the client's situation and wishes. 

As a caregiver, I listen to the client, empathetic and present. I am nursing in my element and the best thank you is a satisfied client who has received help from my care. If you have any questions regarding the treatments or you do not find a suitable time in my booking calendar, you can contact me directly by phone or message on 045 6338892.

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