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Aisti's online store - Guinot, LCN, Frantsila products and gift cards!

In the Aisti online store, you can buy luxurious and effective skin care products quickly and easily.

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality home care products. Come and see the products on site, where a professional beautician will determine the right and effective home care products for you. You can buy high-quality Guinot, Frantsila and LCN products directly from our online store with home delivery. Instructions for activating the discount code in the online store. Kahdeksas Aisti Gift cards can only be used as a means of payment in beauty salons and not in onlise store. PLEASE NOTE: Kahdeksas Aisti online store serves you only via Finnish language web page version.

Buying high-quality home care products has never been so easy and safe. In accordance with the Guinot philosophy, we offer a personal consultation to each customer. This way you can make sure that the products fit your individual beauty goals and that you get the right products for you. If you want a free consultation, contact our Guinot cosmetologist by e-mail or call us at 050 408 9918.

The Kahdeksas Aisti online store is the service online store where trained and experienced skin care professionals guide you in choosing the right products.

Depending on your choice, the products will be delivered either to the nearest post office or you can alternatively pick up the ordered products from the Kahdeksannen Aisti salon at Tuomiokirkonkatu 8, 33100 Tampere. For orders over €100, we offer free delivery to your nearest post office. The delivery time of the products varies according to stock levels and availability, but is normally around 5-7 business days. The most common online payments, pivo, mobilepay, and credit and debit cards are accepted as means of payment in the online store.

You can also buy products directly from our salon, or you can contact our salon by phone (050 408 9918) or email ( to order products. To enter to online store, please change the we page language to Finnish and go to "verkkokauppa" page.

Kahdeksas Aisti online store is an official retailer authorized by the importer of Guinot, LCN and Frantsila home care products. When you buy the products from an official retailer, you can be sure of the origin and quality of the products.

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