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Massage / Sports Massage

Hello! My name is Klaara Väätäinen, and I am a professional sports massage therapist with several years of experience in the field.

I was once driven to the industry by a passion for helping people. In my work, I get to solve many kinds of ailments, the most common of which are congestion in the neck and shoulder area.

In addition to classic and sports massage, I specialize in biting muscle massage. (It has to go like this because there is no specialization in them, they are part of the basic curriculum in masseuse school)

I use versatile massage techniques in my work, which I know how to use individually while listening to the client. I can also choose the right treatment method for you. I get special praise for my good moves and alleviating ailments. In addition, they say I'm considered a relaxing conversation partner.

If you need proper relaxation for your body and mind or you need help with ailments, make an appointment with me for a massage and we'll meet in our comfortable treatment room.

With enthusiasm and a big heart

Klaara 😊

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