Lash Extensions & Eyebrows

Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrows - For Everyday or Party

Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti will made for you classic or volume eyelash extensions or eyebrow and eyelash extensions for everyday or festive occasions. Service list and up-to-date price list at the bottom of this page.

We have certified lash technicians Sanna Lehtimäki and Miina Varjonen to take care of your lashes. They are both true beauty professionals. You can read more about Sanna and Mina's training and skills here. From Sanna you will get great classic eyelash extensions with over 10 years experience and Miina will create classic, volume or hybrid extensions for you with many years of experience.
Our trained cosmetologists and eyelash technicians use only high quality brand colors, fibers and adhesives in their treatments.

Eighth Sense staff takes into consideration individual desires and needs. Tell us what you want and we will do it as far as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our treatment center if you do not find the time that is convenient for you or if you would like to ask more information.

Price list

Classic & volume lash Extensions, Eyebrows

Dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes and shaping brows   

Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows with permanent color and eyebrow shaping.


Eyelash dyeing 

Eyelash dyeing with permanent color.


Eyebrow coloring and shaping  

Dyeing eyebrows with permanent color and eyebrow shaping.


Eyebrow shaping  

Eybrow shaping.


Lash extension (classical)

In classic eyelash extension, one eyelash fiber is attached to each of its own lashes.


Lash extension classical (maintenance)

Eyelash service for classic eyelash extensions. The price depends on the amount of needed work, 65-85 €.

alkaen 65€

Volume lash extension

Volume eyelash extensions attach more lashes to each individual lash as a fan. Eyelash extensions are made with Lash Lovers products.


Volume lash extension (maintenance)

60 min 70€

75 min 80€

90 min 90€

Lash extension removal

Classic or volume lash extension removal


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