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Beauty salon Kahdeksas Aisti has been created in collaboration with various professionals in the field. We provide our clients with versatile and well-designed treatment packages.

Our cosmetologists specialize in the different problems of feet and face skin such as acne on the face, couperosa, dry skin, changes caused by aging and nail problems in the feet and skin changes due to erroneous positions.

Our professional nail and eyelash technicians will create stunning nails and volume eyelash extensions for everyday and festive occasions.

Massage relaxes and relieves the mind, but above all, massage professionals treat the body's pain conditions and guide in self-care.

Traditional Kalevala member repair helps you to get rid of different pain conditions efficiently and in accordance with tradition.

In addition to massage and beauty services, we also offer various treatments for relaxation. Choose between body and face combination treatments, aromatic treatments, head and body massages with various techniques, and complementary treatments based on Chinese doctrines.

We train ourselves regularly so we can serve you in the best possible way. Warmly welcome to our beauty salon!

Wonderful and effective Guinot novelty from the Kahdeksas Aisti! 

The stunning novelty facial treatment Detoxygene is now part of the Kahdeksas Aisti Extensive facial care range. This facial is designed for all skin types. Detoxygene is a facial treatment that cleanses the skin and greatly enhances oxygen supply. All skin types can suffer from haze and clogging of skin pores outside of cities. Climate and indoor air pollutants such as exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, industrial emissions, bacteria, dust, and poor lifestyles expose our skin to various toxins. As a result of these things, our skin becomes dirty, wrinkled and cloudy. By cleansing the skin of external toxins and enhancing the skin's oxygen supply, it can restore the skin's natural glow and effectively slow down the changes caused by aging. Professional skin care and a healthy lifestyle work wonders for the condition of your skin. Detoxygene treatment has been specially developed to solve the blurring of the skin caused by these causes and to restore the natural vitality to your face. Detoxygene - help your skin breathe! 

Click here to watch a video on Detoxygene treatment

Detoxygene treatment consists of three main stages: 

1. Peeling A special exfoliating cream is used for exfoliation. This enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation removes toxins from the skin as well as dead skin cells. As a result, the skin evens out, feels and looks better. 

2. Cleansing mask The mask acts like a magnet, binding the contaminant particles still in the skin. The active ingredient EDTA in the mask and green clay effectively bind heavy metals as well as other impurities that are removed from your skin with the mask. The mask used in the treatment is a special mask developed by Guinot for the treatment of Detoxygene. 

3. Oxygen enhancing massage The skin massaging serum and special massage movements are carefully designed to enhance the skin's microcirculation and skin oxygen supply. As a result of the treatment, your skin will be immediately brighter and brighter. The skin feels soft, supple and easy to breathe. 

Home skin care can be effectively continued after treatment with, for example, the Bioxygen product family. The line includes a gentle Bioxygene cleansing foam, Bioxygene serum and Creme Bioxygene treatment cream. With the help of a consultant, your professional Guinot beautician will create a personal skin care program for you to follow to achieve your beauty goals.

This effective cleansing treatment can now be found in the Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti selection. You can also buy home care products from us directly from our nursing home or by ordering them easily through our online store Come and see this new treatment and take your skin care to a whole new level. A wonderful start to the summer and a warm welcome to serve in our professional hands!

Wonderful innovations in Aisti massage services 

A wonderful start to summer for all our lovely old and new customers. It has been a joy to bring well-being and happiness to so many in these challenging times. 

Many of us have started new exercise hobbies recently. That's why we decided to make our massage services even more versatile as well as introduce a selection of a few innovations to support the well-being of all of you. 

Happy news for those who use employer-sponsored massage services. In January, 2020, Aisti introduced the possibility to pay for massage services with the Wellness ePass or Smartum massage benefit. Now, in addition to these, the possibility to pay for massage services also through the Eazybreak service has been introduced. 

We also want to support the well-being of students and we have included a selection of affordable student-priced massage services. From the Aisti, it is now possible to buy a classic or sports massage at a student price of 45 minutes and 75 minutes. When booking the service, be sure to choose a student-priced service when booking. To use the benefit, a valid student card is required. 

The wishes of the guests have been listened to and we have now also included in the selection the long-needed 75 min massage. This novelty is now bookable from the normal kahdeksas Aisti appointment. 

In addition, we brought a 30 min Indian head massage alongside a real relaxation key with a 45 min head massage. This massage will lead you to a state of deep relaxation and the worst stress will have to be avoided for a while. 

The Kahdeksas Aisti  have long had a 75-minute hot stone massage. This wonderful treatment has now been accompanied by a 45 min hot stone massage. This allows you to enjoy this wonderful treatment even in the middle of busy times. 

We should not forget the wonderful Guinot body treatments of the Kahdeksas Aisti, which we have a wide range of. These treatments are the true pinnacle of pampering. 

A warm welcome to the Kahdeksas Aisti to be pampered.

Massager Niko Marttiini - Newest member of Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti

We can proudly say that the Kahdeksas Aisti team has been strengthened by a true massage specialist. Niko, who has solid experience, will start at Aisti on 1.8.2019. Nikon specializes in classic and sports massage. Check out a more detailed information from here.

Niko's and our other professional free care times can be found from our online booking.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you did not find a suitable free time through online booking - we can certainly arrange the time that is right for your schedule.

Traditional Kalevala member correction

From Kahdeksas Aisti has now the opportunity to receive Kalevala member correction as an affordable student care. Our treatments are performed by Sanna Koivunen, who has completed her basic and postgraduate studies in Kalevala member correction training in the Folk High School Association. Sanna will graduate as a legalized Kalevala member repairer in the fall of 2020. Read more here.

 Miina Varjonen - Newest member of Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti

The Eighth Sense team has been strengthened with a true eyelash and nail specialist. Beautician Miina Varjonen has started on the Aisti team. Miina specializes in eyelash extensions and nails.

Free treatment time of Miina and our other professionals can be found from online booking. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you did not find a suitable free time through online booking - we can certainly arrange the time that is right for your schedule.

Volume eyelash extensions and nails

Kahdeksas Aisti has now added volume eyelash extensions and nails as a selection. Volume eyelash extensions and nails are made by beautician Miina Varjonen. See our treatments page for details of our services.

Kahdeksas Aisti Gift Cards - What a wonderful surprise for a loved one

Delight your loved ones in a luxurious and sure-hearted gift and get a gift card for our beauty salon.
You can buy a gift card for the amount you want or for a particular treatment. Gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for cash. You can buy a gift card directly from our beautician, or you can buy it and print it yourself through our homepage, or we can send a gift certificate to you or to the defined recipient.

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