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Beauty salon Kahdeksas Aisti has been created in collaboration with various professionals in the field. We provide our clients with versatile and well-designed treatment packages. Our cosmetologists specialize in the different problems of feet and face skin such as acne on the face, couperosa, dry skin, changes caused by aging and nail problems in the feet and skin changes due to erroneous positions. Massage relaxes and relieves the mind, but above all, massage professionals treat the body's pain conditions and guide in self-care. In addition to massage and beauty services, we also offer various treatments for relaxation. Choose between body and face combination treatments, aromatic treatments, head and body massages with various techniques, and complementary treatments based on Chinese doctrines. We train ourselves regularly so we can serve you in the best possible way. Warmly welcome to our beauty salon!

The Kahdeksas Aisti has now taken a permanent pigmentation as a new service on the portfolio. With years of experience,  our beautician Tuija Rintamarttunen is ready to serve you. See link below for more details on our permanent pigmentation services.

Delight your loved ones in a luxurious and sure-hearted gift and get a gift card for our beauty salon.
You can buy a gift card for the amount you want or for a particular treatment. Gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for cash. You can buy a gift card directly from our beautician, or you can buy it and print it yourself through our homepage, or we can send a gift certificate to you or to the defined recipient.

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