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Online booking - The easiest route to pampering

Online booking service you 24 hours a day 

Online booking is an easy, fast and secure way to book treatment time for the wellness service you want. Select the desired service, author and time from the appointment calendar below. You will receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail address you provided when booking, if necessary, the booked time can be canceled quickly and easily via the cancellation link included in the e-mail. You can find the appointment calendar at the bottom of this page. In the case that the electronic appointment calendar does not open correctly in the Internet browser you are using, you can proceed to the appointment by typing the address in the web browser.

Booking directly from the beauty salon: 

Appointments can also be made directly by phone by calling to 050 4089918. You can also send e-mail to address or via social media (Facebook & Instagram). Feel free to contact us if you do not find the right free time in the online booking, because we might be able to arrange time that is just right for you. 

Customized treatment packages: 

We also tailor treatment packages according to the customer's wishes, both for an individual person and for a small groups. In these cases, feel free to contact us by phone or email. 

Arrival to the Beauty Salon: 

It is easy to reach our beauty salon by public transport, we are located next to Tampere Cathedral on the street level, which is about a 3-5 minute walk from Tampere central train station. The salon is also easily accessible by car and there are plenty of parking spaces in front of the beauty salon. On this side of the center of Tampere, even the tram building site does not disturb traffic. You should arrive at the salon about 10-15 minutes before the agreed time. When you arrive at the spa, please note that the spa also offers relaxing treatments in a calm sound world. That is why we hope our customers will avoid unnecessary fuss inside the spa facility. - the Kahdeksas Aisti team will take care of you from then on. 

Cancellation policy: 

Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the booked time. For cancellations or non-cancellations made during the same day, we charge 100% of the price of the service. 

A warm welcome to Kahdeksas Aisti salon.

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