GUINOT beauty treatments

GUINOT beauty treatments

facial, body & device treatments

From beauty salon Kahdeksas Aisti you will find a wide range of Guinot face and body treatments. Our Guinot treatments are performed by beautician and certified Guinot trainer Sanna Lehtimäki.

A Guinot beautician is your personal advisor in the world of skin care. At every treatment session, your cosmetologist determines exactly the type of facial treatment that suits your needs and wishes, the results of which you will see immediately. You will also receive a personalized skin care program for you to continue with effective home care. When you follow her instructions, your skin radiates beautiful every day. This will keep your youth year after year.

GUINOT Therapy Methods and Unique Active Substance Compounds reward your loyal user for their performance. Close co-operation with cosmetologists ensures that our special care and skin care product lines meet the challenges of the time and delight our quality-conscious customers year after year.

Guinot Beauty Day is an investment in your own beauty and well-being!

Price list

Prices valid 31.5.2023

Facial & body treatments

Novelty! Guinot Equilibre Purete facial treatment 60 min

A balancing and skin-cleansing treatment. The treatment includes a warming exfoliation, a special cleansing mask, mechanical cleansing, a sebum-balancing gel serum and finishing creams.


Guinot Detoxygene facial 60 min 

Detoxygene is a facial treatment that cleanses the skin and greatly enhances oxygen supply. All skin types can suffer from haze and clogging of skin pores outside of cities. Climate and indoor air pollutants such as exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, industrial emissions, bacteria, dust, and poor lifestyles expose our skin to various toxins. As a result of these things, our skin becomes dirty, wrinkled and cloudy. The treatment includes a special exfoliation, a special face mask and a massage with a special serum. Read more about this great novelty here!


Hydradermie Youth 75 min  

Patented Guinot Hydraderm Cellular Energy restores cell vitality - treatment for all skin types and skin of different ages. Moisturizing, purifying, soothing, nourishing, brightening, firming, regenerating, before sun / sun-repairing - what is your beauty goal? In addition to deep gel deepening, the treatment always cleanses, moisturizes and relaxes the skin. The treatment includes initial cleansing, peeling, deep absorbtion of a special tretment gel, oxygen therapy, serum massage, mask and finishing creams.


Hydradermie Lift 75 min 

Gorgeous special treatment for the face, which strengthens the skin and stimulates the muscles. The treatment includes initial cleansing, peeling, lymphatic activation, facial muscle stimulation, serum massage, mask, and finishing products. A knifeless alternative to cosmetic surgery! Recommended several times as a serial treatment


+ serial treatments you can add also Hydradermie Lift Express 30min  


Hydradermie Intensive 105 min  

Effective combination therapy for Hydradermie Youth and Hydradermie Lift. Also includes special ampoules. 


Hydra Peeling 60 min  

Skin regenerating peeling treatment for the face, which reduces signs of aging, brightens the skin tone significantly and reduces over-pigmentation. The treatment includes initial cleansing, special peeling according to the skin type, regenerative massage with special serum, cooling power mask and finishing creams.


Age Summum 60 min  

Effective skin smoothing and lightening vitamin C treatment. The treatment includes effective exfoliation, vitamin C serum, anti-aging special massage, serum mask, and finishing creams.


Lift Summum 60 min

A firming, uplifting and rejuvenating facial treatment featuring a special stimulating double peeling, activating special massage, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles with special filler and special mask. Comprehensive facial treatment for face, neck and decollete!


Novelty! Hydra Summum facial treatment 60 min

This super moisturizing face treatment gives you a full, moisturized, bright and even finish. The treatment consists of gentle exfoliation with Guinot Hydra Summum special exfoliating cream, Guinot Hydra Summum Hyaluronic acid treatment, intensively moisturizing special massage with Guinot Summum cream. The treatment is finished with a Hydra Summum face mask that locks moisture into the skin. For those of you who want moisturized, bright and smooth skin.


Hydra Clean 

Cleansing treatment that affects both sweat and sebaceous glands, removing excess sebum from the skin.

30 min  55€

The treatment includes initial cleansing, ThermoClean heat treatment, light massage and creams.

45 min 76€

The treatment includes initial cleansing, ThermoClean heat treatment, light massage, mask and creams.

Eye Logic 50min 

Delicate and thin eye area with its own special treatment that removes swelling, fades dark eyelids and smoothes out lines. The treatment includes deep gel deepening, special massage, serum mask and creams.

* 30 min (side of facial treatment) 40€ 


Mechanical skin cleansing can be combined with all facial treatments except Hydra Peeling +30min 


Aisti's classical facial treatment 75 min

A classic facial treatment with Guinot products that are tailored to your needs. Treatment includes initial cleansing, peeling, mechanically / ultrasound skin cleansing if necessary, massage, mask, and creams.


GUINOT body treatments

Novelty! Mirific Gommage Exfoliating Treatment 30min 

When you want a relaxed and silky smooth skin. Exfoliating treatment to leave the skin heavenly soft. 


Novelty! Mirific Relaxing Body Treatment 60min 

Wonderful Novel Mirific Body Treatment is a very relaxing, empowering body massage with both curative and charming scented anti-aging oils. The treatment is also particularly effective in relieving muscle and nerve tension. The treatment promotes holistic well-being and relaxation. After treatment, your skin will be vibrant and soft.


Novelty! Perfect Mirific Body Treatment 90min

The perfect combination treatment that includes Mirific Relaxing and Mirific Gommage treatments. Wonderful spa relaxation in the hurry


Harmony of senses - body treatment  120 min  

Perfect spa treatment from head to toe. Treatment includes facial cleansing, facial and body peeling, relaxing face and body massage with essential oils, facial mask, and finishing creams. 


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