Kalevala member correction

Kalevala Member Correction -This traditional treatment

Kalevala member repair is a traditional form of treatment. It opens and balances the whole body. Kalevala member repair refers to tradition-based soft tissue treatment, or mobilization therapy. It deals with all the soft tissues and joints involved in musculoskeletal function, avoiding pain.

By correcting the body's misalignments and relieving muscle tension, the resulting pain is relieved and unnecessary eating of painkillers is avoided. Treatments have also often helped with headaches, for example. Migraine has eased. Movements in the musculoskeletal system and joints are restored, nerve surface conditions are released, tissue pressure is released and metabolism is improved.

Kalevala member repair is a scientifically researched treatment protected by the EU.

Now has the opportunity to receive Kalevala Membership Correction as an affordable student care. Our treatments are performed by Sanna Koivunen, who has completed her basic and postgraduate studies in Kalevala member correction Training at the Folk High School Association. Sanna will graduate as a legalized Kalevala member repairer in the fall of 2020.

Kalevala member repair is suitable for almost everyone, but there are a few obstacles to treatment. Talk to your nurse before booking treatment if you have been diagnosed with acute bone fracture, tumor, cancer, acute inflammation, various skin infections, nerve damage, enlarged thyroid gland, enlarged lymph nodes, haemophilia, nerve root stenosis, atrium, carotid artery stenosis, connective tissue disease, rheumatism and pregnancy (applies to student treatments)

After treatment, it is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of water, it helps the body to cleanse. For the next 2-3 days it is good to let your body rest. Sauna, heavy physical activity and alcohol should be avoided.

Price list

Kalevala member correction - student care

Kalevala member correction  90 - 120 min

Kalevala member repair refers to a tradition based soft tissue treatment, or mobilization treatment, that deals with all soft tissue and joints associated with musculoskeletal function, strictly avoiding pain.


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