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Cosmetologist Tuija Rintamarttunen

Cosmetologist / Reflexologist / Frantsila Products / Duration Pigments

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Massage / Sports Massage

I am a trained masseur / masseuse sports since 2015. I use in my treatments for example. classic and sports massage, trigger pressing passive as well as MET sweep and slip-out.

My idea behind the best help and successful massage is to apply and / or combine different techniques into an effective entity, taking into account the individual needs of the customer.

According to colleagues, Jonna is a cheerful and small northern powergirl with a wide range of skills.

The power of energy and inspiration!


Classic Eyelash Extensions, Volume Eyelash Extensions, Structural Nails & Permanent Varnishes

I am a trained beautician and lash and Nail technician. I started professionally making eyelash extensions in 2012.

My passion is beauty and well-being. I enjoy meeting clients and conveying good spirits. I only use high quality branded products in my treatments and keep myself up to date with active training.

According to colleagues, Miina is a sweet, positive professional of beauty and well-being.

Sparkling beauty enchantress!


Classical massage, sports massage

My name is Niko Marttiini, from Rovaniemi in the middle of the tundra, a trained masseur approved by Valvira and a sports massage.

I have worked as a masseuse in Finland and abroad. I have gained a lot of experience along the way, and I think it is very important to always meet the customer as an individual, through which we can achieve long-term positive results together.

My great customer service is enjoyed by both top athletes and people with chronic pain conditions. So whether you are struggling big or small, come and visit us and be the best!

According to colleagues, Niko is an approachable athletic boy of the North.

A positive energy pack that eliminates a stutter like a stutter!.

Sanna K

Kaleval member corrector

I graduated as a Kalevala membership corrector in the summer of 2020. In the last stage of my studies, I did student treatments under the title Kisel, and in the summer of 2020, as a certified Kalevala member repairer, I started offering services at Beauty salon Kahdeksas Aisti. 

Coworkers think Sanna K is a positive and energetic person who knows how to serve every customer as an individual. An energetic donor! 

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