Structural nails, permanent varnishes - Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti Tampere

Structural nails and permanent varnishes - Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti Tampere

Structural nails, permanent varnishes  

 Nail services currently not available, will be back in the portfolio 1.2.2022.

Structural nails and permanent varnishes: 

Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti gives you spectacular and long structural nails and permanent varnishes for both everyday life and celebrations. A complete list of nail services and an up-to-date price list at the bottom of this page.

A professional nail designer is the best friend of your nails: 

With more than 20 years of experience, nail designer Katariina Tala takes care of your nails. Katarina's handprint is also one of Tampere's first nail salons, Show Nail, under which she worked for years. A few examples of Catherine's great work can be found on this page. So you can be confident that your nails will be taken care of by a professional with solid skills.  

Structural nails of the eighth sense: 

The professional staff of the Kahdeksas Aisti takes into account your individual wishes and needs. Let us know your wishes and we will make it possible. Feel free to contact nail designer Katariina Tala directly by phone (044 533 0335) if you do not find a suitable time for online booking or if you want to ask for more detailed information about nail services.  

Structural nails in the center of Tampere: 

We serve you right in the center of Tampere, next to Tampere Cathedral. Beauty Salon Kahdeksas Aisti is located at street level at Tuomiokirkonkatu 8, 33110 Tampere. We perform treatments in high-quality care facilities where the comfort and well-being of the client is most important to us. There is plenty of parking space front of the salon and the distance from Tampere train station by walking is about 3-5 minutes. 

A warm welcome to serve!

Structural nails and permanent varnishing price list

Structural nails, permanent varnishing, maintenance, removal

(price list valid from September 1, 2021 onwards)   

Permanent varnish for natural nails

Permanent varnish for natural nails. Does not include removal or maintenance of old varnishes.


Permanent nail polish (toes)

Permanent varnish for natural nails. Does not include removal or maintenance of old varnishes.


New structural nails - natural

Does not include removal or maintenance of old structural nails.


New structural nails - french, baby boomer etc.

New structural nails - french, baby boomer etc.  


Structural nails maintenance - natural

Includes maintenance of monochrome structural nails  


Structural nails maintenance (multi color / rich decoration / french)

Structural nails maintenance (multi color / rich decoration / french)


Structural nails maintenance - french, baby boomer, color change, etc.

Structural nails maintenance - french, baby boomer, color change, etc.  


Single nail repair (Structural nail or permanent varnish)

Repair of a single structural nail or permanent varnish nail  


Removal of permanent varnish and minimal manicure  

Includes removal of old permanent varnish and minimal manicure.


Structural nail removal and minimal manicure  

Includes structural nail removal and minimal manicure.  


Frequently asked questions about structural nails and permanent varnishing 

Are structural nails or permanent varnish suitable for me? 

If you want to enjoy clean, well-groomed and durable nails, structural nails are a great option. Nails are always designed together with you in the length, shape, color and possible decorations you want. An obstacle to structural nails and permanent varnish can be, for example, a nail fungus or sensitization to a gel component. Always talk to a nail technician before putting new nails if you suspect an allergy.

How long do structural nails last? 

The duration of structural nails is very individual and is greatly influenced by the growth rate of one's own nails and how hard the nails are subjected to stress. The normal service interval can be considered to be about 2-4 weeks.

How do I benefit from structural nails? 

The structural nails are attractive and durable and make it easier to keep the nails tidy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

How should structural nails be treated? 

There is no need to treat structural nails in any way, especially at home. A colorless topcoat can be applied to the nails to give shine and to fade the growth limit of the nails. Nails can also be filed if the edges are rough or the length needs to be shortened. Please note that nails should not be cut as this can break the structure. It is a good idea to apply cuticle cream or oil on the cuticles daily.  

Buy structural nails as a gift 

New structural nails are a wonderful gift that your friends and loved ones will surely appreciate. You can buy a gift card directly for the service you want or for the amount you choose. Gift cards available quickly and easily from the Kahdeksas Aisti online store or directly from the salon. All Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Go to the Gift Cards page and read more.

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